Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday in Dallas - SMB Summit is around the corner

Today we begin the HTG peer group meetings for 5 of our groups - first time we have done things this way in a common setting. We will have some interaction over lunch and dinner and connect people more deeply. HTG is all about community. The peer movement is the recognition that everyone has something to give of value to the group. What HTG does is enable that to happen. Our goal is to build these communities of 12 partners and allow them to live their lives and businesses together. None of us is as smart as all of us together. No one person has all the answers, in fact not anywhere close to all the answers. So it is a strong competitive advantage to be in community with your peers. There are many ways to do that - user groups, SBSC, IAMCP, Vistage, and on it goes. You do need to get involved in something. Don't just right the battle alone every day. Connect and allow others to help you succeed. Become part of a group that has a culture of accountability and get under that authority. Yes I understand you run your own business because you want to do it your way. But let me assure you that there are better ways than your way, and the beauty of peer groups is that their better way can become your new way. It is that sharing that is the magic, coupled with execution.

SMB Summit is an event by partners for partners. It is not anything else. The value you will get is based on how involved you get and how much you give. The more you give, dive in and interact, reach out and help, the more you will take home. And it won't just be knowledge, it will be a great bond with others like yourself who get up every day and wonder what they will do now. Make it a great week interacting with your peers. Learn but most importantly SHARE. That is what life is truly about - investing in others and giving away what you have. See you in Dallas!

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