Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And finally - the last of the firsts

Here are the closing thoughts on firsts for HTG at Summit:

1. The announcement of our first international groups. Based on demand and the need to tailor groups to local regions, we met with a group of Canadian partners on Sunday night to discuss formation of a Canadian HTG group. Stuart Crawford has stepped up to lead this group provided we get the right participation. There was discussion of a Canada East and West group, but we will see how the application process goes. Dave Sobel has stepped up to lead the formation of our first European group, HTG England. So we are going international and this fits right into our vision to grow to 20 groups. It is important to have some worldwide representation as we work with vendors to make a difference for them.

2. We recorded our first audio CD. Those who had written chapters in the HTG Peer Power book were interviewed and their wisdom captured for a CD we will release. Scott did a great job of collecting their thoughts and making it relevant to the book chapter they had written. We will be working on the next book sometime soon. Scott is pondering that along with 1,000 other ideas as you read this.

3. We produced our first video snippets with the help of TCC and Hardlines. Pat and his team from TCC captured a lot of video footage and posted it to YouTube, so we are in the hip generation now. There are 5 different videos from the four days of SMB Summit. It was our first attempt, but we have lots of great footage to work with and edit into videos we will use for future release. These guys – Pat and Aaron – had the vision to do this and just made it happen. True HTG initiative at its finest. Thanks guys!

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