Saturday, April 19, 2008

SMB Summit Day One

We had a great day at the Summit yesterday. Over 350 people in the audience at the start and a strong crowd all day. Microsoft shared about SBS2008, and there were lots of aha's and applauses throughout the day. This event is made possible by our vendor sponsors like Microsoft and HP, who have not only helped provide great products and content, but have provided financial support, equipment, people and a host of other things. Make sure you remember to thank our vendors for what they do. They don't "owe" us anything. They make choices to invest where it makes a difference in their success. So let's show appreciation to 35 or so vendors who are supporting SMB Summit, first by selling their stuff, but secondly by being grateful and telling them.

The meals and service yesterday was stellar. The Omni is a great place to be. Internet is a bit challenging, but what can we expect with 400 plus technology people in the place. Today we move on to EBS and a brand new opportunity for partners to consider. The sun is up and it is a beautiful day in Dallas. Pat Dolan and the TCC team have created a couple Youtube videos on the night before and day one. If you are at the summit - don't download the internet in your room, but here are the links. Tell Pat and his team thanks for making the investment. Stuart did his radio show from the Summit as well, check that out too. This event is about community and we have the best people in the world as part of this family of partners. See you at the meeting!

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