Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HTG Leadership Team

One of our firsts is the creation of an HTG leadership team. We announced the members of our HTG leadership council who have been selected to help create HTG 2.0 in the coming months. This is a collection of partners from all the HTG groups who first met with Michael Park from Microsoft in Feb in Minneapolis and are now working on several committees to help define what our next iteration of HTG will look like. Your representatives are:

HTG1 – Dan Hay – Organizational Structure
HTG1 – Dan Shundoff – Business Plan
HTG2 – Steve Knudson – Business Plan
HTG2 – Lyf Wildenberg – Organizational Structure
HTG3 – Brad Schow – Business Plan
HTG3 – Erik Thorsell – MVV
HTG3 – Stuart Crawford – Vendors
HTG4 – Garrett Brucker – MVV
HTG5 – Robert Lindley – Infrastructure and Tools
HTG6 – Robert Lamm – Infrastructure and Tools
HTG7 – Alex Ziogas – Infrastructure and Tools
HTG8 – Kevin Torner/Mike Brogan – Vendors, Organizational Structure
HTG9 – Chris Chirgwin – Business Plan

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