Thursday, April 17, 2008

The evening before Summit

Well it is 10 PM and I am tuckered out. We have put the finishing touches on the SMB Summit program for tomorrow. It is going to be a great event. There will be some warts, some imperfect things that happen. We won't have enough power plugs, enough Internet speed since everyone is used to these high speed pipes at home and the office. But we will have good content and great people gathered together in community. Focus on the people - not the other stuff. This is your chance to connect with folks and LEARN. If you are coming to have a perfect experience, let me appologize in advance. Since I am involved, perfection is not possible as I am far from perfect. But if you are here for the right reason - to share and give to those around you - and listen and learn from the experts - you will leave satisfied and happy. That is the goal - to send you back ready to hit the ground running with SBS and EBS as your target. This is a readiness event for two products that should be like gold for most of us the next few years. So make the investment - spend the time - and learn.

Also recognize that this event is made possible by a lot of great partners. Microsoft and HP are the keynoters, but there are 40 other vendors who are here to make this event possible. Make sure you are in the room on Sunday afternoon and evening listening to our vendors and showing appreciation for their support. Without them, this event won't happen. Without us, they have no one to sell their products to. We need each other. That is what community is about.

Make sure you participate fully and enjoy your time in Texas. I look forward to shaking your hand.

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