Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Education Opportunity

SMB Summit is next week, so I hope you will be joining us in Dallas for that event. But if you are unable and are looking for educational opportunities, you might check out the ICCA (Independent Computer Consultants Association) conference in Washington DC on June 6 - 8. I will be speaking there on a panel at 4 PM on June 6 with Stuart Crawford, Matt Makowicz, Karl Palachuk and Erick Simpson. Poor Dave Sobel has been tasked with trying to moderate the 5 of us. We will be talking about successful habits that make a successful consulting business. On Saturday and Sunday there are a couple full days of content and these four plus many others will be delivering their wisdom. I won't be speaking but rather have to head back to the farm to get ready for the next thing which will be our HTG2 meeting in Albany. More facts and the registration information are at

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Dave said...


Never a problem to moderate for you guys. I do expect to get very few words in.