Sunday, April 20, 2008

SMB Summit Day Three

One word describes day three - HOMERUN!

It started with a great worship service. I had many thank you's for having church as part of this event. Over 60 people were there and another 20 or so said they missed it - mostly because I failed to announce it as planned on Saturday. But a special thanks to Jeff Wood and Brad Schow for leading that worship and the testimony from Jonathan Warrey and music by Brian P from Jeff's company. Those guys did an unbelievable job and the message to touch people by serving them is so absolutely true. I am sure they made God smile!

The sessions for day three were also outstanding. We had three tracks of content that was unparalleled from any conference I have attended, and that actually is quite a few. There was great preparation and presentation, and the takeaways were very strong. Thanks to all the speakers for the hard work and willingness to share what you know.

There were a number of focus groups throughout the day and the vendors were very pleased with the feedback. The number one comment I heard was that you expressed yourself clearly and made positive suggestions. As always, you were vocal and opinionated, but you did it professionally and in a helpful way. That makes me smile.

This evening we had a fantastic vendor fair. I spoke with almost every vendor on the floor and the response was overwhelming. They were blown away by the quality of the partners at SMB Summit. They were blown away by the quality of your companies and you as individuals. I was blown away by your commitment to making this time worthwhile. I recognize that all were tired, had spent three days locked up in a room, and just as easily could have made a quick run through and headed off to the hot tub. But you didn't. You stayed engaged, you went to the sessions, you did what you do best - you demonstrated why the partners in HTG are a cut above the rest. You have integrity, you are executers and you are accountable. I am extremely grateful to get to rub shoulders with you all. And there was plenty of shoulder rubbing going on - the place was active and busy for 5 plus hours. What a fantastic group of people.

I am proud to be associated with the SMB Summit and particularly HTG membership. I am humbled to be able to lead the three groups I do, and look forward to continuing to grow with you to new levels of success and personal achievement. Thank you for being committed to one another and a part of the community.

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