Friday, April 4, 2008

Check out the Radio Show

I was privileged to talk with Stuart Crawford today on his SMB radio show which can be downloaded at With me on the call was Karl Palachuk, Erick Simpson, Dana Epp and Brad Schow. We talked all things SMB Summit. Not only are all these guys rock stars in the IT industry, they are all speakers for the upcoming Summit. Most have books that are featured on the website as well. Karl is doing a pre-conference event with Matt Makowicz which you want to consider. Make sure to hear Dana's presentation on security at the Summit, and if you haven't checked out Auth Anvil lately, it is time to take a look. More and more security is becoming a problem for all companies, and Dana is a security MVP that understands the business side of the equation. Check out his offerings online. Erick Simpson is the guru of managed services and will have his wisdom in a session on that topic. Brad Schow is speaking a couple of times and his experience around M&A will be a highlight of the show. Make sure to ask lots of questions before making all the mistakes yourself. Of course Stuart will be sharing some on work life balance with Karl in their session, and will be there doing other things along the way as well. BTW - Happy Birthday Stuart. We are down to our last 60 spots for registration so it is time if you have been waiting. Mike Iem has done a marvelous job orchestrating the event, and the guys from SMBTN are all over the registration and logistics stuff. It has taken an army to pull this thing together, so I hope you join us. Check out the recording today to get more details. See you in Dallas.

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