Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And on they went

More HTG firsts:

1. Our first public discussion of the vision of HTG. Saturday night at HTGALL I shared a glimpse of the next steps for HTG. The leadership council is helping define the how to’s, but the vision is something like this – to create 20 groups of elite partners who build a community that can change the industry. We will be leveraging current HTG members as leaders of the next 11 groups. If you have a heart to help people, let me know. You don’t get paid much to facilitate beyond the ability to give back and make a difference in some people’s lives.

2. Our first announcements of what will happen with the online groups. We have completed the first session of online HTG groups. We learned we went too fast for people to be comfortable and be able to succeed. We will be starting some new online groups using the same 6 topics but will spread those out over 12 months. For those who completed the course, we will spin up the sophomore year of content and allow them to continue on their path to growth. Here is another place we need HTG members to step up and lead a group. This one takes less time and no travel, so if you want to give back and would like to lead a group of newbies in the HTG Online freshmen class, or some who are a little further along in the HTG Online sophomore class, please let me know. We will need leaders for the online groups too – so email interest.

3. For many, your first time presenting to an audience. HTG provided an overwhelming amount of the content from this weekend. For some, it was old hat and you have done it many times before. But for many, it was your first try at being a presenter and sharing some of what you have learned. Thanks for taking the risk and stepping up to share. We need many more that are willing. We will be building a content library to use for the online groups and need a lot of contributors. So if you are willing to do a live meeting training on a topic you have passion and experience about, please let me know.

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