Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa came to town

Merry Christmas

I wondered if Santa would find Harlan but with all the new GPS technologies I should not have doubted for a minute. In my stocking this year I recieved the new HP 1TB Home Server to backup and to protect our personal and important data and machines. Since I am pretty inept at setting things up, I had one of our young engineers help me get it up and running, which took very little time at all - probably 30 minutes tops. He showed me how to set up the client software on the machines we were adding to the Home Server and I completed the tasks. So why a home server you may ask? I think there is real value in that product for many people. The backup technology is really the driver for me as I have experienced a lot of pain in handling the rebuild of my notebooks or desktop when they crash or need to be replaced. I lost three hard drives this fall and that about put me over the top. We also wrestle with the sharing and saving of pictures, videos and music in the house. While there are only two of us at home - Nancy and me - we have a desire to share with both our kids and other family members some of the things we capture as pictures etc. So it seemed like a pretty good solution for that as well. I will try and keep you updated on how the process goes. If I can manage this server, anyone can. I do think it has a place in lots of different environments beside the home - already hearing of it serving as a safety net for executive machines that don't get backed up and managed like they should. Stay tuned!

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Good one for you Arlin. I think you still like to tinker with sort of stuff. Janet and I are now thinking about getting one. I think that this will be an awesome additional to what Small Business Specialists can offer to our client base.

Merry Christmas to you all...

Stuart Crawford
Calgary, AB