Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Do you know where your binky is?

One of the jokes around our house is the fact that I treat my PDA’s like a binky. I never want to be without it. I always want it close at hand. It is my comfort and security blanket. I pull it out regularly to see if the world has stopped in the last few minutes. It makes all kinds of sounds and vibrations which make me feel needed and important. Sound like you? A lot of us in the IT space are addicted to instant communication and information. We are lost without our binky. Nancy named it that on one of our trips earlier this fall when I left it in the room and was like a lost puppy looking for direction. I have two PDA’s because I can’t get one plan that will give me coverage across all our geography. So it is Verizon in the north and Sprint in the south. When I travel they both make the trip because I have learned the hard way that they sometimes fail to work and my goodness I wouldn’t know what to do without it. The kids got me a binky holder for Christmas. Brookstone makes a product that is just made for people like me (and probably you too). A nice wooden box with a surge hid in the back and a place for 5 devices to plug in – PDA’s, cell phones, blue tooth devices, GPS and the like. It is designed to keep them all organized and the cords all neatly out of sight. If you look at my work area now I have cords running all over the place and it looks like a tangled mess. My only concern is that it is not designed for the traveler so the battle of plugging and unplugging all the chargers for each trip will make it a little less useful to me, but there is a place now for all my binkies to sleep each night and I won’t have to wonder where they are any more. Check it out at The fancy name is a charging valet – I call it a binky house!

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