Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home Server Update

Finally have managed to get all six of our machines backed up – took 48 hours to get them all to complete. I am still learning how to configure our little server friend but the backup process has been pretty seamless. A few of the machines are only on wireless connections and that took quite a bit of time. I had one pc that failed a couple times because of an issue with the hard drive. Had to run chkdsk /f /r and then things worked like a champ. Boy that command brought back memories, not all good, but memories none the less. The old C:> still exists underneath all that fancy GUI interface. I do have one external USB drive that I haven’t been able to convince the home server to backup quite yet – says it is a non supported file format. So I have some more work to do on that. The Health monitor is very cool as it monitors which machines have up to date AV, spyware, firewall settings on etc and notifies me with a little red icon on the system tray when something is amiss. So far I am pretty darn impressed by this box. Now that I have backups created it will be set on incrementals running at midnight so should keep things current with little intervention. I am next going to work on the shared file storage and the user accounts. Might need to actually read a little so I understand how they designed this baby. So far I have figured it out by trial and error – which we all know is not necessarily the best or correct way – but it is the old style engineer way. More later………

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