Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hotel and Registration for SMB Summit 2008

HTG ALL meeting on Saturday night April 19 from 6-8 PM.

April 16/17 – HTG 1 / HTG 4 / HTG 7 / HTG 8 and HTG 9 hold their Q2 meetings

April 22/23 - HTG5 meets for their Q2 meeting

I highly recommend you bring at least two people to this event – an owner and technical engineering leader and a third being a sales person if possible. HTG is completely involved in driving the content for this event and it will be focused on growing businesses like those in HTG. It will be worth your time and investment. This event will sell out so I encourage you to go online to and get your registrations done asap. Also make your hotel reservations as we will run out of rooms too. Broad marketing has started through Microsoft with the worldwide newsletter so please take action immediately to get both your attendance and hotel taken care of. There is no reason to wait. HTG is about execution and it is time to execute to get your hotel rooms booked for the HTG meetings as well as get things lined up for the SMB Summit. DO IT NOW! We already have over 40 HTG companies with rooms booked for their meetings but that leaves a number of you that have not acted yet.

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theritzman@i3 said...

Thanks for the heads up ... and a great value for HTG members! I'm attending for the first time. MJR