Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's not your parents Terminal Services

This week a group of fellow HTG'ers were on the Terminal Services advisory council meeting talking about TS and what it will be in the release of Windows Server 2008 the end of February. If you haven't checked it out yet your really need to. This takes thin client and remote access to a new level. Not only are the standard features improved, printing is fixed and the new TS gateway removes the need for a VPN connection any longer. It is cool stuff and you need to check it out. I also wanted to make sure you knew who was part of this council so you can reach out to your fellow HTG members with feedback, ideas or suggestions. Here is the list of guys who serve from HTG along with myself:

Mike Doerfler - Nex-Tech
Jeff Hasenauer - Intellicom
Tony Lesirge - ISoutsource
Gavin Steiner - Interprom
Jeff Wood - Wood Networks
Brian Jaenisch - Macro
Brad Schow - Compudyne
Lyf Wildenberg - Mytech Partners
Stuart Crawford - IT Matters

There are two other partners on the council who are not from HTG (yet). It is led by Joshua Schnoll who is a great advocate for HTG. One of the big things happening around WS2008 launch is the heros happen here activity. If you are not familiar with it - get online and check it out. Everyone of us has heros that implement MS technologies for our clients. Lets sumbit lots of HTG engineers and management as heros. I know you have them. Take time to submit them as the leaders they are!

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