Friday, July 11, 2008

WPC is wrapped

The week is done and I am glad - pooped out and ready to go home for some rest. WPC 2008 was a great event. I have to admit that meetings took up most of my time. I did make a couple keynotes but normally I was in the Connect area with another partner or Microsoft blue badge talking about the future or the past. There is no place like WPC to connect with people that are part of this industry. Great place to talk with other vendors and media too - most of the relevant technology players are in town for this event every year.

That said - I do want to say that the most important stuff happened in a couple of areas sort of disconnected from WPC. The first was around community. HTG members gathered here Sunday to start a next level of our peer program. And throughout the week I was blessed to spend time with a number of HTG members and participate at parties, celebrating birthdays, praying together - lots of interaction with people that are part of the community. The yellow lounge was a long way from the action this year and it really hurt connecting from my perspective. People love community and come to this event to experience some of that. I hope next year the lounge for SMB and SBSC can be much closer to the action and really let us connect again.

The most exciting thing for me was the few spiritual activities that happened. While some may say we have to separate our spiritual life from our business life to be politically correct - I don't think that is true or even possible really. Life is about a lot more than EBITDA and certifications. We are made up of our physical, emotional and spiritual parts and to try and isolate it and pretend it doesn't exist just doesn't cut it for me. Sunday morning we had a small gathering for HTG members who were in early to discuss the life of Joseph. Brad Schow led the discussion. Tuesday morning a group of us met on the second floor of the convention center to pray. And then on Wednesday - we had our first annual Partners in Christ prayer breakfast. Over 50 in attenance which is a great start and will be continued next year. Rather than share the details I encourage you to check out Mark Crall's blog where he captures it well. is the link to not only get another perspective but also some notes on the speaker for the day.

WPC was an awesome event. The party at Minute Maid stadium was loud and filled with games and food - but the real value of this event is the people. Lots of great introductions, plenty of reunions and refreshing discussions - people are what the industry really is all about. I am glad to be able to participate. See you in New Orleans in 2009!`

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