Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Discussion About Blogging

Yesterday I had the delight of visiting with Larry Julian who is the author of a great book called "God is my CEO". You can get a little glimpse of the content at Larry has a new book coming out in January and wanted to talk about blogging and the new Web 2.0 technologies and how they might help him reach a broader audience. He connected with me via an email sent to him by John Pritchard, a member of HTG1 and owner of Catalyst Systems in Sioux City. What a miracle the communication and connection networks are today. John shared a bit about me in an email - Larry checked out my blog and stuff on the web and discovered we thought along the same lines - and next thing you know we are communicating via email and then by phone. What a small world we live in.

He identifies the clash that many deal with trying to keep the spiritual side of life separated from the business side. I tried to live that way for many years but it just is not possible to do that and really feel good about life. When we have a real spiritual relationship with God, it is part of our inner fiber and controls all that we think and do - at least it needs to and trying to act any differently is just acting as a poser. Larry calls out the conflict like this:

I think he has a pretty strong list that captures the struggle that many of us have in dealing with business and our spiritual relationship. I gave up trying to separate the two a few years ago and have to admit my fear of how people would respond was unfounded. People want to do business with someone who is real. People appreciate transparency and openness. People want to know the foundation of those they work with. Time for us to stop pretending and really live life. We need to know our purpose, mission, vision and values and live with those as our guide. Anything less is just posing and pretending. For me, I align pretty closely with Larry's view of the world.

Larry asks these questions: 'Can I do what's right and be successful in a competitive, bottom-line world?' and 'Can I be both ethical and profitable?'

I agree with his answer: "If you trust in God's principles, have the courage to live them, and have the patience to wait on His timing, then I believe the answer to these questions is 'Yes." Biblical principles and bottom-line success are not opposites. Yes, you can do what's right and be successful. Yes, you can be both ethical and profitable. And yes, you can honor God, serve others, and fulfill your professional obligations.

I believe it and have lived it. It isn't easy - but it is the most fulfilling life we can live. Aligning purpose with business makes it fun to get up in the morning!

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