Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Groups Formed for HTG

I get excited when we are able to finally get new groups into the HTG family and yesterday that happened as we started HTG12 and HTG13 here with their initial meeting in Iowa. HTG12 is a group of companies that primarily were in the online program last year and are being led by Erik Thorsell from Minneapolis.

HTG13 is being led by David Cooksey from St Joseph, one of the founding companies from way back in 2001. His group is also filled with great companies with a lot of diversity in their business models. Both groups were out to the technofarm last night here at HTS for some bbq and good old Iowa hospitality. We always like to start new groups out with a trip to the farm.

There will be another set of groups beginning in October, so if you are interested or know of a company that would be a good fit they can apply at www.htgmembers.com by filling out the survey there.

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