Monday, July 7, 2008

HTG 2.0 Leadership

One of the things we announced yesterday as part of the change coming for HTG is a shift in how the group is led. Since 2001, HTG has been something that first I led and then as HTS grew, the management team there became the leadership of HTG. Seemed like a good plan, and was for many years. But last fall the team put their foot down and said we needed a time out. I had overloaded pretty much every part of the HTS organization. Managment team members were facilitating 9 groups, HTS was funding almost all the activity, HTS staff was doing all the back end admin work and logistics. It was a daunting task and was killing the team. So we halted our growth to regroup.

Part of that process was reaching out to a group of veteran HTG members to see if people were as passionate about the mission of HTG as we were. And as I expected, they not only were, they wanted to be part of making this organization move to the next level. One aspect of that involves getting people assigned to different tasks that need to be executed against. We have settled on two levels of leadership.

Assisting me with the routine decision making is an advisory team that will be the sounding board for our future. These guys are assigned an overall area to help drive forward within HTG. We quickly learned that having a group of 12-15 prevented us from making decisons because there were too many great ideas to even process. So we have this small team that will assist me to drive the day to day business of HTG. They are:

Brad Schow – Membership
Dan Hay – Finance
Stuart Crawford – Vendors
Lyf Wildenberg – Platform
Scott Scrogin – Operations

Someone asked yesterday about terms and job descriptions etc - we are not that far along yet. But the task of this group is to drive HTG to implementation of 2.0 and begin planning for 3.0. We are nowhere close to being done yet. Connect with these folks, offer your assistance where you are able and get involved.

I will post about the leadership council in another post. That is a broader group that will provide the real teamwork we need to get things done. These five areas will be our focus, and while we have a few members already on the team, we will be looking to add more as we grow. There are lots of ways to serve. My request is to get involved!

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