Sunday, July 6, 2008


We had a fantastic meeting this afternoon to introduce HTG 2.0 to our membership. About 50 HTG members were in the room and another dozen or so online. The atmosphere was charged. We have the best set of partners in the industry in HTG and it showed today as we went through the agenda.

To much to share in one post, so the information will be broken down to make sure people are able to digest and my fingers are not wore to the bone. The first area to discuss is our Mission, Vision and Values and what HTG is really all about. Those who have been part for a while won't be surprised, other than we actually have written it down. But it is important for all new members and those who watch from afar to have this stuff nailed and the team that did it were fantastic. I applaud them for their hard work and insight. This effort was led by Scott Scrogin, Erik Thorsell, Garrett Brucker and

Here are the different facets of our MVV statements:

Our T-shirt slogan

Execution driven by accountabilty

To make a continual difference in each member’s life, and to encourage members to live their lives with a balance between family, spirit, health and work.

To operate communities of peers who meet regularly to plan life, leadership and business goals, review performance, demand execution, enforce accountability, share best practices and achieve work-life balance.

Our passion for excellence in leadership, execution and accountability will drive us to become the leading community of technology partners.

· Excellence through Execution
· Accountability through Self-Leadership and Responsibility
· Community through Trust, Honesty and Integrity
· Growth and Balance between Work and Life

Code of Conduct
All members will operate their companies and themselves in a manner consistent with the purpose, mission, vision, and values of HTG.

HTG Membership Requirements
· Members commit to attend meetings and participate in all activities related to their peer group and HTG. 10,000% success = 100% attendance X 100% preparation and participation
· Members commit to mentor their peers and openly share best practices.
· Members commit to build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors that align with their plans.
· Members commit to develop, set and achieve goals aligned with their business, leadership and life plans.

“I am not all I can be until you are all you can be.
You are not all you can be until I am all I can be.”
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is a weak attempt at a graphic to capture the ecosystem around HTG. Can use some graphic help making this really good, but it may give you an idea. HTG is about the intersection of three key areas: life, leadership and business planning in an environment surrounded by vendors, distributors, consultants and media but never forgetting that ultimately we are in business to serve our clients and employees.

These are the defining guidelines for HTG. It explains what we are about and how we will run this organization and live life. Know it and share it within your organizations. It needs to be our battle cry and will be the filter for everything we do. Make sure you hold us accountable to stay the course and make it happen!

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