Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The week at WPC

Over halfway done with WPC. What a whirlwind. Meetings, keynotes, sessions, receptions, parties - busy from 6 AM til 9 PM every day. Glad to get back to the hotel to fall into bed and crash so I can possibly get up in the morning. There have been lots of new things to focus on: Essential Business Server, SBS 2008, Virtualization, S + S and on it goes. Presented three times in breakouts and been in meeting after meeting with partners and Microsoft. It has been a fantastic value and great use of time, although I will have used up 2 weeks of time in this one week here in Houston - things are that full and busy.

One of the great things that happened this week was the launch of VarVid by Aaron Booker and Pat Dolan. These guys are doing a great job of capturing the activity of the week and managed to catch me. Check this out:

Video: WPC Video - 13 Arlin Sorensen

I am excited about the potential for video and what it can do for our interaction. Check out all their videos at Thanks guys for the great work!

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