Monday, March 24, 2008

What is your experience with T-PAM’s?

One area Microsoft has been working to improve has been the partner touch aspect of the program. They have field based PAM’s (partner account managers) for those who are large enough or do enough business to justify that investment. For most of us SMB partners though, the touch is done through T-PAM’s, which are a telephone based account manager that is assigned to a number of SMB accounts in a given geography. These folks are our lifeline to Microsoft and we need to provide some solid feedback as they evaluate how to make them more effective. I encourage you to submit comments to me about the T-PAM program:
1. What works / doesn’t work?
2. What specific, simple changes could Microsoft make to how T-PAMs work with us in the next 90-days that would improve T-PAM value to us?
3. What are the two or three most valuable services that T-PAMs provide to partners?
4. If you could change one thing about the T-PAM program, what would that be?
5. Have they hit any homeruns for you? Share the details.

I will be consolidating this feedback and sending it off to Microsoft. This is your chance to help mold the program for the next year and beyond, so don’t be shy. I know you aren’t!


Stuart R. Crawford said...

Hi Arlin...

Great posting, I have to share with you that the IT Matters TPAM is remarkable. Paula Stronach is our TPAM based in Mississauga. Paula always goes the extra mile to help IT Matters with everything that we do.

One area that many partners struggle is around entitlement, they feel that Microsoft owes them something. Microsoft owes you nothing! I always ask, what can I do for you today? Where can we make our relationship with Microsoft stronger?

We (Partners) need to engage with them in order to be not stuck in LIMBO (Lost in Microsoft's Big Organization).

My TPAM and I speak weekly if not 2 or 3 times a week, she knows everything that we do from Sales Pipelines to our community events.

Partners, time to get involved

Stuart Crawford
Calgary, AB

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlin,

Over the years we have had someone at Microsoft assigned to us. It seemded like there was a lot of moving around and every 9 months or so we were moved to someone else. We must of been lost in the shuffle with the last move and now I don't have that type of person. However, I have developed enough relationships over the years that I have people I can get information from when I need it, just not the support we used to have, like Stuart refers to.

Having been in at this for 23 years, I would say this is probably my fault and I should be able to correct it. Thank you for reminding me.

Doc Pratt
Pratt Computing Technologies
Knoxville, Tennessee

Jason Comstock said...


I want to share my experience with the TPAM program. I started in the SBS program and got connected with a TPAM from TX. We hit it off and both found value in the relationship. However, he moved on.

I was then shuffled around the system a bit before landing with Sheila Wamre. We've clicked and are moving ahead. My PAM has been helpful in connecting me to a TPAM who is tasked to work with smaller partners.

I agree with Stuart, in that this is not an entitlement program. The TPAM is a resource that cost Microsoft resources. We as partners need to understand this is a relationship we earn by the business we generate on behalf of Microsoft.

My TPAM has been a great source to keep me focused on the services that help my client's and my business. I encourage all partners, big and small, to utilize this resources.

I see my TPAM as my tour guide to Microsoft and am thankful for the resource.