Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time for a little fun

Who the heck is Tom & what does he have to do with SBS????

We all know of & have met anti-SBSers – many of whom are still harboring negative attitudes and perceptions from SBS 4.0/4.5 days. Microsoft met with several of the HTG peer groups & spoke to several of these partners & decided they needed to do something about this to dispel all the misperceptions about the product. One crazy video at a time.

So what does Tom have to do with all this? Well, here’s exactly where Tom comes in to the picture. But instead of spoiling the fun, I’ll let Tom work his wizard magic on you directly…find out more about him here:

You’re one of the very first handful of partners to hear about this fun campaign! So how can you help? Help spread the word & share Tom’s vlog with other partners. Make sure you check out the punching game. Not often you get to punch someone without getting into trouble. Spend 5 minutes, watch the video and enjoy a little lighter side to your day. And then spread the word. SBS is a great product for most of the clients in the small business marketplace. And Microsoft has really done a very nice job of getting a great product built that will ship this summer - so time to get the team jazzed and ready for SBS2008. It is gonna be a winner!

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