Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoom Zoom II

Details are starting to trickle in regarding the SBSC racing promotion. You may recall that Microsoft is sponsoring some opportunities around the #49 car on teh NASCAR circuit. As SBSC members we can participate in that. Here is the URL for the sign up page, including a link on it to view more details on all of the items included in this package: On that page, be sure to enter the Microsoft Promo code which will be sent to you in the SBSC newsletter so watch for that.

Looks like a fun promotion and a lot of creative ideas to incorporate into our own marketing. I encourage you to take a look and see if it fits your plan. If you haven't been marketing to prospects and customers, this may be just the entry point you need.

Having been blessed with the opportunity to attend an event with Erik Thorsell and the SCC team last year, I saw first hand just how crazy committed these NASCAR fans are to the sport. There are lots of them and they pay attention to the details. So I think it is a great opportunity to have some fun and touch a crowd that may be outside your normal customer base.

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