Thursday, January 24, 2008

An opportunity for the Heartland

Microsoft is offering some great training you should consider if you live in the Heartland.

11:30AM – 1:00PM
(11:00 AM Welcome/Registration)

Event Dates:
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3/4/2008Minneapolis, MinnesotaEvent Code# 1032366284

3/4/2008 Saint Louis, MissouriEvent Code# 1032366280

3/6/2008 Kansas City, KansasEvent Code# 1032366279

Register online today orcall 877 MSEVENT to secureyour reservation.

Partner Sales Training— “First Server, Right Server” and How to Best Engage Microsoft
Practical Information for Real Sales People

During this training, we will show you how to make the most appropriate Windows Server recommendation to your small and midsize customers, including guidance based on prospective scenarios.
· Which server and when?
· Why would customers look to upgrade?

We will also demonstrate how to best engage Microsoft. Look forward to us addressing the following questions:
· How should I engage Microsoft?
· What resources are at my disposal?
· What does Microsoft expect from its partners?

Overall, our goal is to help you understand our products and technologies so you understand how to get the most value this innovation wave brings you as a reseller partner.
As an added incentive, participants will be entered into a drawing for an Xbox 360! This lunch session will cover:
· A high-level overview of the solution area
· Tools for the sale process
· Sample customer scenarios
· Questions to ask
· Business value
· Resources, tools and additional training
· “How to’s” regarding how to engage Microsoft
· Question and Answer
Who should Attend: Account Executives, Sales Managers and Technical Pre-Sales who are committed to growing their Microsoft sales and services revenue!!

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FredAtMicrosoft said...

There's also the Heroes Happen Here launch events if you want a little more technical info on Server 2008.
Minneapolis - April 1st
Saint Louis - May 6th

Fred Reckling
Microsoft Grassroost Manager