Friday, January 11, 2008

Goodbye CES

We are at the airport using the free wireless waiting for our departure. It is busy but not as crazy as I had expected - only 30 minutes through the security line. We spent another day looking at the latest wares and again did not come across anything that was a must have. The little XO laptop ( that is $199 and designed for third world countries was displayed. Not something I would use but it was impressive they could build what they have for that price. Green seems to be the new buzz among technology companies. Everyone was concerned with power and disposal of old technology. They all wanted to be stamped as a "green" company. Lots of gizmos and gadgets out there. Logitech has this cool little wireless keyboard that looked really nice for anyone with a media center and wanting to check email from across the room during commercials. The next big thing? I didn't see it and from my discussion with others at the show - they hadn't seen it either. A lot of nice upgrades for 2008 but no technology that will rock our world. I still think the Microsoft wave of releases will be the disruptive opportunity for us in 2008 to work with our customers around.

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