Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am off to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later today to walk the show floor and learn about the future of electronics and technology. When I first started attending this show some years back, the majority of the floor was focused on items that didn't apply to our business but there were always a few gems to be discovered. Each year, the convergence of technology has made this show more valuable as everything seems to come together and revolve around the network. This has become the big show for a lot of announcements and it now has a lot of relevance for those of us in the IT space. I know a few of you will be there and I hope to catch up and spend a little time with you. But for those who have never been, it might be one to consider for the future. CES is a giant show. There are things that certainly don't apply to a core networking IT business. But there also are many things that do apply and it is a central place to talk to many vendors and other industry professionals that may make sense for some of you to consider in coming years. More later in the week as we check out the floor and see what looks like something to watch.

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