Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free online training

Have you ever wondered what the right way to respond to an email is, or how to dress for success? How about how to add gadgets to Vista? HP has a FREE (note that word) set of classes just to address things like this. I have taken their powerpoint class and got some great tips. Check out the listing at Here are the business topics currently available:
Writing a high-impact business plan NEW!
Business etiquette
Mobile internet access: change the way you do business
Six steps to computer security QUICK LESSON!
Build your business identity with a new logo
Real estate marketing made easy
Stress, sanity, and survival

There are classes on technology, and a series of "how to's" in two quick steps. And did I mention they are FREE. You don't even have to be an HP partner to participate. I suggest you check out the top two on this list around business plans and etiquette. I will look forward to seeing all of you dressed for success at an upcoming meeting!

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