Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are You Using the New BTAT Tool?

Microsoft has recently updated the Business and Technology Assessment Toolkit to version 3.5. Been quite a few years since we originally rolled out the initial version. On Friday July 23, four HTG members will be discussing how to use assessments to drive business. Hear Joddey Hicks, Aaron Booker, Brent Morris and Erin Arnold as they share their wisdom about BTAT. There is no better time than now to focus on going deeper with clients, and no better tool than the assessment process to dig deep, peel the onion and find opportunities to serve your clients. Here are the details:

The Microsoft Business and Technology Assessment Toolkit V3.5 - How Partners are Using It to Generate Real Revenue and Profit.

This webcast will review how MS Partners use the Microsoft Business and Technology toolkit to generate revenue and drive a long lasting client relationship that continues to provide opportunity for years to come. These veteran Microsoft partners will share their secret sauce on how they use the assessment process and the data collected to build long term IT plans and strategies for their clients and then use those to get their clients to open their wallets and continually make purchases of technology and services. We’ll also discuss the new and enhanced features of the new toolkit, including SBS/EBS updates and a new proposal generator.

January 23 at 9:00 Pacific time.

Register at The session is down toward the bottom in teh Growing your Business section.


Joe said...

Arlin - when I go to the MS Partner web site, I am still seeing version 3.5. Is v4 available for download at this time?

The Peer Guy said...

Actually 3.5 is the current version. The MS website that earlier said V4 was incorrect