Saturday, January 24, 2009

Look Out Dallas - Here We Come

Monday begins the Q1 meetings for HTG in the US. We are descending on the Omni Mandalay hotel in Los Colinas for a week full of interaction, learning and community. Seventeen US based groups will be meeting this week. Half meet on Monday and Tuesday, the other half on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is our HTGALL day - a new addition to the HTG program for 2009. We have 8 tracks running all day that day to allow members to learn more about the entire gamut of running their small business. Also that evening is our vendor reception where our great HTG vendor sponsors will have some time with the HTG membership. It will be a great week for sure. It is a bit cold here though - thirties? C'mon Texas, it isn't supposed to be this cold. Some of the troops want to play golf. Of course there is another group that wants to play poker after we wrap for the evening too. Quite an inventive and mischevious bunch we have. Our vendor partners will be here in force as well, so let's make sure they have a week they will never forget too!

But equally as exciting has been the successful second meeting of HTG11 in the UK led by Dave Sobel, and the HTG10 group just finished their third meeting in Vancouver led by Stuart Crawford. Both groups have a great core set of members and we are looking to grow those groups and increase our presence in both countries. Jesse Jervis wrote his thoughts on the recent Canadian HTG meeting here There also is now a blog for our Canadian HTG brethren to post to as well at So many good things going on up north!

The time is now to move HTG to the next level. I look forward to seeing all of you in Dallas. Spread the word. HTG is making things happen and 2009 will be a banner year for all of us, in spite of the economy or the media reports. Let's make it happen!

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