Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Server Sales Pitch

I don't usually push a product in this blog, but once again Home Server has come to the rescue. I had a drive fail last week in my notebook (no this is not the notebook that fried a dozen hard drives a few years ago). I was 34 months into a 36 month warranty so HP overnighted me a drive, I put it in, booted to the Home Server Restore cd, pressed enter twice and in about 1.5 hours I had my machine completely restored and back to where it was a couple days earlier. I was very skeptical the first couple times I used it, but after my experience, and that of some other HTG’ers, I currently back up ALL the machines I use (on our network and off), the most important of all - my wife’s notebook, and my daughter bring her notebook home and plugs in on breaks too.

I am a believer in that little product. We have HTG members using Home Server as a migration tool for customers who are changing machines or upgrading their networks. It may not be intended for that, but it is certainly a powerful little tool.

I am currently testing E-Folder to back up my Home Server. That is the one hole in my strategy - no offsite storage - so I have been working with Jan and the team at E-Folder to see if I can back up the Home Server offsite using their tools. Still too early to tell - they don't have a plug in yet so it was a little work - but Kevin was extremely helpful in helping me set up and give it a shot.

I would love to hear how you are creatively using Home Server in your client service strategy. Let me know what you are doing......

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