Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thoughts on the SAS conference

I was in San Jose on Tuesday night to speak for the SCSI Trade association - STA ( about SAS technology in the SMB. I was on the program with HP, Microsoft, an analyst and Seagate. So certainly I was the novice in the crowd. There were pictures of the first event from 2004 called a plugfest, which is actually what it sounds like, a bunch of gear plugged together to prove it works. Today SAS is running at 3 G soon to be 6 G by the end of the year. Storage is becoming a critical part of many SMB networks. It isn't just for the enterprise boys any more. You can get the presentation at and learn a bit about the upcoming roadmaps for SAS and get some ideas on just how important this technology is for the future of computing. It was an extreme honor to be in San Jose speaking to the Silicon Valley crowd and sharing a customer evidence story about how SAS solved a data access issue. I am not a technical guru by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly have a much higher appreciation for this technology and how it will continue to serve our clients for many years to come. Thanks to LSI and HP for the opportunity to represent them and present on their behalf.

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