Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SWOT Time in Calgary

I am on the road to Calgary to do a SWOT at IT Matters, a member of our HTG3 peer groups. Brad Schow and Dan Hay will be joining Nancy and me to spend a day and a half of intensive activity diving deep into the business. These events have been transformational for the companies that have experienced them over the last few years.

Why does it work to let other business owners come in and turn over the rocks? Because we often don't want to deal with the hard things in our businesses. We have relationships and patterns of communication that make it hard to really deal with the tough issues. We don't want to cause any unhappiness or disrupt friendships. We are afraid to do what we know needs to be done down deep inside us. So a SWOT allows some outsiders to come in and provide fresh sets of eyes to help drive change.

This will be a fun SWOT - the team from IT Matters has done a fantastic job of giving us background info and helping us be prepared to make a lasting impact. I look forward to seeing the company in a year as Tony, Rob and Stuart make changes and lead their team into 2009 with a new focus and level of accountability.

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