Friday, May 2, 2008


New HTG groups are being formed. Our Canadian group kicks off first with Stuart Crawford from IT Matters facilitating. The first meeting is in Calgary on June 2/3 and I will be in town to wish them well as they begin the journey together. There are only a few spots left in HTG10 - the Canadian group - so if you know any folks from north of the border who would benefit have them connect with Stuart or me. Stuart is a member of HTG3.

HTG11 is being facilitated by Dave Sobel from Evolve and will consist of friends from Great Britain and areas across the big pond. Our goal is to begin recruiting and have a time together at WPC in Houston in July for those who are over here and then kick off the group officially later this year. Dave is part of HTG5 and runs his company in the Washington DC area.

HTG12 will be led by Erik Thorsell from Success Computing in Minneapolis. This group will primarily be filled with companies who recently graduated from the MS-HTG online group and want to move into a face to face group. The first meeting will be in Council Bluffs on July 28/29 and will include a trip to the farm to see the HTS headquarters. Erik is part of HTG3 and has been involved since the inception of that group a couple years ago.

HTG13 will meet also in Council Bluffs on those same dates but be led by David Cooksey from CNS in St Joseph. This group will be filled from our application wait list pool of over 120 companies. Dave has been part of HTG since its inception back in 2001 so has as much experience with this peer group thing as I do.

The good news is that we will be creating more groups as we go through 2008 and 2009 with our goal to be at 20 groups by the end of next year. We also will be announcing two different online programs at WPC for people who have graduated from the first program and also a new restart of our year one content. The HTG family is growing. Now is the time to get involved with your peers and grow you company in ways you can't even imagine. There is power in peers. Get involved today!

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