Saturday, May 17, 2008

The power of thank you

We had a fantastic HTG3 meeting this week in Buffalo. Great business sharing but the biggest impact the two days had on me was around the people. We spent time sharing what we call “thank you time” on our agenda. It is a spot where we stop and just say thanks to those who have made a difference in the last 90 days. The wonderful thing is that a lot of this doesn’t revolve around business, but life. Life happens every day, and it is often the things of a personal or family nature that really matter. Sure the peer groups are bound by a desire to grow their businesses, but more and more they are understanding that unless life is right, the business stuff really does not fulfill and ultimately does not matter. So it encourages my heart and brings a smile to my face when people say thank you to those who have impacted them. I encourage you to take some thank you time this week. If you want to see some eyebrows raised and some people wonder what you are up to, just say thanks. When we stop and say thanks, we give a gift that can make someone’s day or even week.

As we finished our meal last night, I asked our waitress, one young lady who drew the short straw and had to take care of all of us by herself, to have the manager (who was actually the owner) come see me. I could tell as he approached he was bracing for a negative response. So I stuck out my hand and told him thanks for taking care of our group and providing a fantastic meal and experience as well as having this special waitress that performed at a very high level. Within 30 seconds the owner was thanking me for bringing the group in, for being patient, for understanding how busy they were and smiling from ear to ear. I have to say that is not my normal approach unfortunately, but as I spread the thank you circle, it was equally effective to the way it works with those closest to us. Unspoken thank you’s are not nearly as effective. You have to open your mouth and say it. Make sure to do it today!

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