Friday, May 23, 2008

Do you know an inspired teacher?

Do you know a teacher with an inspiring story? Invite them to participate in the Microsoft Inspired Teachers campaign to share stories of their most inspiring students.If you know a teacher who inspires—and is inspired by—students, simply send them to:

Inspiration: When's the last time a student you know returned the favor? Every day, magic happens in the classroom. Moments when students realize there's more to learning than tests—and do truly amazing things. Sometimes, students actually inspire their teachers, when usually it's the other way around.

Get teachers you know to share their most inspiring story.Tell about the last time a student sparked inspiration in the classroom with an amazing discovery or creative solution. It's easy to share. Before you know it, they'll be communicating, connecting, and exploring with other teachers who are sharing stories of inspiration. They may even find inspiration in others' stories in the process.Once posted online, peers will be able to read and rate it. Prizes are available.

What do you get for passing this along - the knowledge that you are helping build community and that is what matters. Invest in educators and students.

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