Monday, December 28, 2009

Microsoft Opportunities Too Good to Pass Up - Must Act Now

Opportunity #1

Microsoft Community Connections?

Microsoft Community Connections is a national project designed to bring awareness and adoption of the Windows 7 product through Local Business Community Organizations (Chamber of Commerce, rotaries, associations, diversity groups, etc. ).

What does the Local Business Community Organizations get?
- 2 free copies of WIN 7 for Local Business Community Organizations
- $150 Microsoft partner (VAR) services implementation voucher (Microsoft partner to be selected by the Local Business Community Organizations)

What does the Local Business Community Organizations give in return?

- Local Business Community Organizations holds a Windows7 live event (lunch/learn) promoting Win7
- Local Business Community Organizations selects a local Microsoft partner to present Win7 content and invites additional Microsoft partner members to be onsite to interact with the attendees as table hosts
- Microsoft provides $125 in event funding to the Local Business Community Organization
- Attendees receive a $150 VAR services rebate voucher for the implementation of Win7 by a local VAR, redeemable upon the purchase of Window 7 via Volume Licensing (minimum 5 seats). The coupon is intended to offset some of the cost of the installation.

Call to Action = Have your Local Chamber register here!

There is a sense of urgency – as the program is nearing capacity.

Opportunity #2

HTG Flex Funds

This is an HTG only opportunity to get $500 for marketing, sales or demand generation activity of choice. As a member of HTG, Microsoft has created an exclusive opportunity called Microsoft Flex Funds. You have the opportunity to apply for $500 from the Microsoft Flex Funds program when you participate in one of the focus campaigns. Spend your funds on any marketing or sales activities of your choice you like, and then report your results to Microsoft! Click here to request more information.

Opportunity #3

Big Easy 3

Big Easy promotion ends 12-31-09. If you have licensing deals that are close to closing - take advantage of things now. Check details at the website here.

Opportunity #4

HTS Newsletter Service

If you are a Microsoft Partner, you can save $500 on our newsletter services!! We’ve been listed on the Microsoft Ready-to-Go portal as one of the choices that you can use for the $500 LAUNCH rebate. If you are already a subscriber, all you need to do is CLICK HERE and have a copy of your invoice (no more than 30 days old). The promotion code that must be included is LAUNCH and the Service Provider is Heartland Technology Solutions.

If you are not a subscriber and want to get set up so you can take advantage of this code, you have to move quickly. The HTS team will work with you to assure you have an invoice and can take advantage of this $500 offer. HTS just got added as a vendor for this promotion and the deadline is December 31, 2009. Sorry for the late notice on this but it is a great opportunity to get a free quarter of newsletters – on Microsoft!

Opportunity #5 and #6

Frontline and SBSC funds

I wrote about these a month or so ago and you can check the details here if you haven't already taken advantage of these two programs.

Lots of opportunity. Some are time sensitive so you need to act now. Don't miss the boat before it sails!

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Aaron Booker said...

Arlin -

It'd be great to update your post to include a link to the HTS Newsletter service - this is a great way to use that $500 and I'm going to jump on it!

I did some searching and here 'tis: