Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You a Procrastinator?

Then this post is for you because we are down to the deadline to apply for a very important award. The MSP Mentor 100 award is on the line and the deadline to apply is tomorrow, December 11.

Company awards are an excellent way to celebrate business achievement and shine a spotlight on your business. Try it and you might discover some of the bottom line benefits and the power of industry and local awards. This is often an overlooked tool in your marketing toolbox. Marketing consists of many techniques and channels from advertising and direct response to radio and trade shows, but you can take your small business to new levels by entering your company for awards. The trick is they don’t just happen. You have to apply, submit an entry or nominate yourself. Awards are not just for big companies. At all levels, businesses have the opportunity to compete for awards, but if you don’t take the time, they probably won’t happen. Usually the application process involves completing an application, a brief essay and a description of your business. Some might require financials. The good news is that once you apply for one it will get easier from there so just do it!

Below are some sources for awards:
• Industry publications (MSPmentor, Channel Insider, Everything Channel, Business Solutions Magazine, ChannelPro Magazine)
• Industry associations (VTN, TechSelect, CompTIA, ASCII.....)
• Vendors and suppliers(industry and local)
• Local organizations and publications (business journals, associations, clients)

So you think you’ll never win. Again, if you don’t enter then you probably won’t. Entering corporate awards and contests as a marketing strategy is an untapped area by small business. With limited entries, your odds of winning improve. Even if you don't win, a title nomination can bring many rewards.

We won, now what do we do? Share the news within your organization. This is a great morale building tool for your team. Tell them what they did to help your organization win that award. Put out a press release and share it locally as well as within your industry. Put the word out via your social networking outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Post the press release and the award to your website. Good news like this will get noticed by vendors, distributors, associations, clients, prospects, media, employees and future employees. Tell everyone you won!

That being said, MSPmentor is still accepting nomination for their annual MSPmentor 100 list. Have you submitted your company yet? The deadline is Friday, December 11th. Do it NOW!!

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Anonymous said...

Arlin: Thanks for reminding readers about the MSPmentor 100 survey deadline. And yes, a mix of small, midsize and large MSPs land on the final list because we use multiple metrics to piece together the research.


Thanks again,
Joe Panettieri
Editorial Director
joe [at]