Friday, October 23, 2009

A Flurry of Marketing Opportunity

The Frontline Program from HP and Microsoft is back! This is one of the best marketing programs that have ever existed, and while it is not as flush as it once was, it is still good. You can apply for up to $2000 to run a campaign. Market Development Funds (MDF) are available again effective November 1, 2009. You should consider running a marketing campaign focused on HP and Microsoft® solutions that will produce revenue for HP, Microsoft and your company. A 20:1 ROI is required to get paid. To submit an application for FLP market development funds, complete the application/proposal form. They are especially interested in supporting your proposal for marketing activities focused on Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and HP PCs and HP ProLiant servers!

Another place to check if you are a Microsoft SBSC is and add promotion code SBSC to claim your $1000 in market development funds (or use the money for reimbursment of other marketing efforts - see for more). More money set aside for us as Microsoft partners to use in driving business. This leverages Microsoft's Ready To Go campaigns which include Microsoft-focused events, services, templates, case studies, and newsletters, and are designed to help VARs devote the bulk of their time to business oriented activities.

Also expand the leverage by working with your local engagement team (LET) field person. If you don't know who it is, you can find out at and get the relationship started.

Some good news for partners. But it only matters if you actually take advantage of it. Don't mess around - money is still not growing on trees and while there is some in the bucket today, get out there and start putting it to work driving your company. Nothing happens without some work, but good things can if you leverage the investments available and add a few bucks of your own and some elbow grease. Don't miss the boat!

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Brad Benner said...

We just took advantage of the $1000 Microsoft has made available to SBSCs to fund a part of a lunch and learn event we presented. The process was SO SIMPLE. There's really no reason why companies shouldn't be taking advantage of this opportunity.