Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starting to Think About How to Kick Your Economic Recovery and 2010 Plans into High Gear?

In a piece posted earlier this week by MSPmentor you may have noticed a brief mention of a program focused on building sales organizations that we launched in early October with Kendra Lee and KLA Group. Here is the skinny on this offer. HTG announced a strategic offering with KLA Group focused on sales hiring and lead generation. Two separate series are available exclusively to HTG members starting November 11th. We have heard loud and clear that our members are struggling with sales and hiring. Whether you are hiring your 1st salesperson or your 21st, this is one of the most critical and difficult roles you’ll hire in your company. A successful hire means successful sales growth. I don’t think there is anyone out there that doesn’t want to strive for growth.

Leads are another highly discussed topic at the many HTG peer group meetings I attend. How to get them, how to manage them, how to get results……At HTS, our solution provider organization, we have first-hand knowledge of the guidance and insight Kendra Lee can bring to an IT organization. We engaged with Kendra last year and had outstanding results. That is not the only reason we decided to engage with Kendra and team at HTG. We took the time to talk to Kendra, understand what she had to offer and work with her to build something we felt would benefit our members the most at a reasonable price. Both of these offerings were designed with the needs of the HTG membership, and YOU, in mind.

Learn more and register by clicking on the links below:
How to Hire & Onboard Great IT Sales People
Developing an Executable 2010 Lead Generation Strategy

Are you ready for 2010?

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