Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Thoughts and Follow Up

On Monday of this week, Zenith Infotech, one of our key partners at HTS, released a video they produced on HTS and my life called "A Day in the Life of Arlin Sorensen". It was broadcast on MSPtv. Produced by CommCentric Solutions, it really does a great job of capturing the essence of what we do at HTS and HTG. If you missed it and have any interest in checking out the recording you can find it at:

Also this week, another article was released called "Passing the Torch" in the RCP November issue. I believe this topic is one of the most important things we need to be talking about in the channel today. How we effectively pass leadership to the next set of leaders in an organization is so vital to a smooth and seamless transition. Things will change, and there needs to be a lot of thought and preparation done to make sure that happens well. You can read the article at:

I will be sharing two presentations in Orlando at the ConnectWise Summit the first week of November on this topic as well as growth. Thursday afternoon my topic will be on "Making the Handoff" which will focus on options for exit and leadership transistion

On Friday afternoon, my breakout will focus on "Steps Along the Way" which will identify key areas of decision in the growth cycle of a business. There are so many blockers and plateaus that have to be overcome in order to keep a company growing. We will identify and talk about how to work through those things during this session.

I look forward to seeing many of you at HTG Q4 in Orlando, and at the ConnectWise Summit there as well.

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