Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking for Something to Watch

Aaron Booker and team at VarVid posted a number of videos taken at the recent ConnectWise conference in Orlando. He took video of a number of key HTG vendors but also found time to record a couple of video interviews with me discussing HTG. The first one captures some of my thoughts on the basics of HTG. Sort of a primer on the reason HTG exists and what it is designed to accomplish. You can catch it at:

Aaron also captures a discussion we had around how HTG views our vendor partners. It is a critical part of success in the channel today - building relationships with those companies that produce the products that run our customers IT environments. We have to learn how to effectively work with these folks in order to really grow and succeed. Catch the interview at:

While on the Varvid site - you can check out other HTG members and our vendor partners being interviewed by Aaron. Thanks much for all that you are doing to help capture the message of HTG and let people understand what we are all about. Aaron is a proud member of HTG3 and we are grateful for his support and dedication.

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