Friday, October 24, 2008

Unraveling the SBS 2003 mystery

I have had quite a few emails and questions on the unannounced drop of SBS2003 from the Volume licensing pricelist which has left some in a position on how to fulfill commitments made to their clients. There now is a post you can read to get the latest:

Eric Ligman explains the changes that have been made to SA to allow some exceptions and give you some time to fix outstanding quotes and commitments. 12/31/08 is the cut off, so go read this blog post and take action NOW. It is a great time to be getting your clients set with the new version of SBS. Lots of great reasons to upgrade and move to the new release. Want to see why you should upgrade, check out Dana Epp's blog on the topic:

Bottom line - SBS is available. You have a window to get things the way you want - SBS2003 and add SA to get the new version, or just buy the new version via licensing. In any case - get with your customers and get them upgraded. Now is the time!

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