Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This and That

Congratulations to IT Matters for their award last night at the CDN Magazine awards gala. They won the award for Best Collaborative Solution in Canada. You can read about it at

How about this economy in your patch? We have seen some projects held but overall no major issues yet. But I think the impact is yet to come as companies try to get financing and credit in 2009. Craig Zarley from CRN did a good article I was fortunate to participate in on the subject. You might check it out at

At our HTG1 meeting this week we took a block of time to talk politics. That is way outside what I normally allow in these meetings, but based on the proximity to the election and the potential impact. There was lively discussion and the main outcome was that many wished there was a "none of the above" option for many of the races that are coming. The key is to get involved and VOTE. You shouldn't complain if you aren't part of the process!

Make sure you are guarding your credit with your lendors, distributors and vendors. It is a lot easier to lose it than get it back. Pay those bills on time and guard the credit you have with diligence. I believe those with credit will have significant opportunities in 2009 to grow rapidly as others are stymied in their business.

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