Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Couple Podcasts That May Be of Interest

Our friends at Channel Pro have posted a couple podcasts online that you may want to listen to. Michael Siggins from Channel Pro SMB has done a great job of helping me define the history and value of HTG peer groups in the first podcast. It runs about 17:30 and really turned out to be a great interview about the way HTG got started and where we are today as we begin to build the next version of HTG. You can catch it at:


We also captured a second podcast that addresses the topic of changes coming in the channel ecosystem. Michael talks with me about change and how we as partners will need to reinvent ourselves once again to remain relevant in the marketplace. I review the transition from where I sit and provide some overview of the next couple years. It is a bit over 1o minutes so a pretty quick summary. You can catch this one at:


A special thanks to Michael and the team at Channel Pro for their support of HTG and all that we are trying to do to educate the channel. They really understand the SMB partner community and are committed to helping us educate. We value their partnership and support.

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