Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Update for Microsoft Education Partners

I heard from my buddie Steve Winfield that the education team at Microsoft is alive and well and there is some new info he asked that I pass along to partners who work in the education space. There is a new community being started aimed at Microsoft education partners. So if you sell to schools or colleges or any academic institutions - this should be of interest to you. This has been an on again, off again focus for Microsoft, and our experience is that when it is on, we take advantage of the opportunities related to it. The bottom line is they are creating a site where they aggregate and funnel all sorts of information about education solutions on MSFT technologies as well as provide a way for partners to communicate with them and with each other. If someone has a Live ID affiliated with a partner in the MSPP, then they can access the main site at http://www.MSEDUcommunity.com. If they are not yet affiliated with MSPP, they can access the blogs and forums at http://cs.MSEDUcommunity.

Check it and and let me know what you think. I also would love to hear what would help you be more effective in selling into the education sector. We need to win the battle for these kids early and often so they don't get brainwashed by some fruit.

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