Monday, February 25, 2008

New Cell Phone

I managed to lose my Treo this past week while in Raleigh. No idea how, but it slipped out of my sweats during my morning walk and it was nowhere to be found. So Nancy and I went to the local Verizon store to get a replacement. Good news was that I was due for an upgrade. Better news is that with the push technology from Exchange I don’t have to worry about contacts and phone numbers being lost – they just get pushed down again. One of the amazing things to me is that no matter what city I am in, what cellular store I enter, they are always busy. There is always a line usually full of people with no idea of what they want and not nearly enough help to get it done. That was true in Raleigh as well. I looked over the options and there were quite a few available. I settled on a different form factor this time – an HTC slider model - the VX6800 is what I think they called it. Windows Mobile 6 with a nice keyboard and good feature set. It didn’t take long for me to get the phone activated and operational. The sync happened quite quickly over the air with the Active Sync process. I was pretty impressed. This phone also works on wi-fi somehow – haven’t had a chance to test that yet. But it is smaller than the Treo and seems to be a lot better phone than the Treo ever was. The one thing that seems obvious to me is that I need to use the stylus a lot more with this phone – it has a lot more options and fewer buttons although I keep finding shortcuts all the time. Probably need to find some 6 year old to show me how to really run it. SO it wasn’t a bad experience – just a little diversion during our trip. It does have a flight feature that disables all the stuff that is not supposed to be on when flying which I enjoy with all the travel I do. So far I am pleased with the decision to change form factors. Let's hope I can hang on to this one!

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