Friday, February 1, 2008

Free Booklet Download

Last spring and early summer I was honored to get to write a booklet with a couple of great guys from across the water - Andy Trish (NCI) from Great Britain who spearheaded the project, and Dean Calvert (Calvert Technologies) from Australia. We created a booklet to help partners grow their SBS business - a collection of ideas if you will. It was printed and released at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver but is also available for download.

This electronic booklet is available for Microsoft Partners to download, provides advice about how you can leverage Windows Small Business Server (SBS) to showcase your small-business expertise, maximize revenue-generating opportunities, and build solid customer relationships. In here, they discuss everything from starting your business and securing financing to working with Microsoft, training, and successfully selling SBS.

While this resource has been available for a little while, it’s one that I wanted to call out for anyone who was not aware of it. Why? For those of you who know Dean, and Andy, you know that the information they share in this resource for you is going to be very insightful, actionable, and well worth any amount of time it takes to read through. A few of my thoughts are worth considering too. Thanks again to the two of those guys for letting me be part of this team.

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