Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Go-Giver

I read a book that had been shared with me on my flight to Pittsburg this week. It is called "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It really has impacted my thinking. This is a business parable book but it really captures so much of my heart. The most prevalent question I am asked over and over is "why do you do it - spend so much time helping other peers in the industry. Doesn't it cost you and your company a lot"? This book really says exactly what I struggle to explain when that question comes up. Life and success is not about getting, it is about giving.

The story centers around ambitious young Joe, who is spinning his wheels professionally despite his hard-charging attitude and generally likable personality. In keeping with his bold spirit, he decides he's going to meet a powerful local businessman, Pindar, and convince The Chairman (as he's known) to help Joe land a big account. To Joe's surprise, Pindar is easy to get a meeting with. However, Pindar's goals for Joe are not necessarily the same as Joe's goals for Joe, and thus this unlikely parable unfolds with Pindar taking Joe under his wing and teaching him a series of success lessons.

Each lesson involves Joe meeting a new, successful person and learning what led to their successes. Each meeting teaches Joe one of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.

The Law of Value
The Law of Compensation
The Law of Influence
The Law of Authenticity
The Law of Receptivity

After learning each Law, Joe agrees to try to put it into practice before the next meeting with Pindar, where another Law will be unveiled. And not only does he have to put it to work, it has to happen that same day. Five lessons in five days. Of course each works just as you would expect from a law. While this is a parable, I find these truths to be foundational in my life and quite honestly can verify they work. Most of us know these truths - the breakdown comes in actually doing something with them TODAY. We think about it, plan for it, but never quite get around to doing them. That is the key to success - knowing what to do and actually doing it - over and over - day after day - moment by moment. This is a book worth reading. I encourage you to spend the money and the couple hours it takes to read it cover to cover - in one sitting - but most of all I encourage you to be a Go-Giver and put it to work IMMEDIATELY. The world is run by people who show up. The world will be changed by those who understand these principles and put them in practice day after day. Go do it TODAY!

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