Monday, February 4, 2008

Have you used Microsoft's Tele-PTS Support

If you haven’t used the Tele-PTS service in the past it can be helpful when your pre-sales teams are working to track down product information & positioning, competitive documents - here are the details. It is a FREE service!

Imagine having an resource in house who…
•…had 200-300 level expertise on almost every current Microsoft product and good friends at the 400 level
•…could articulate the business value of the products
•…knew how to position Microsoft products against the competition
•…could demonstrate products to your customers
•…could help your team with readiness on unreleased products
•…could teach your staff how to use the Demo Showcase and the Technical Demonstration Toolkit
•…had a file drawer of white papers, case studies, competitive battlecards, and customer-ready decks
•…worked 12 hours a day, without breaks or lunch
•…and worked for FREE!

•Microsoft Telephone-based Partner Technology Specialists (TPTS) provide FREE and unlimited presales support to Certified and Gold Certified Partners for all Microsoft products as a benefit of the Microsoft Partner Program.
–NEW! Free support for Registered partners with deals over $5000
•Competitive Sales Assistance: We’ll help you overcome customer objections and positively position Microsoft technologies against the competition by providing white papers, discussion guides, case studies, customer-ready presentations, IT competitive comparisons, and business incentive funds.
•Technical Sales Support: Accelerate your close rate with assistance with configurations, reliability, feature capabilities, readiness, product demonstrations, scalability, interoperability, and migration.
•Business Value, Licensing, and Pricing: Assistance with comparison proof points, TCO, ROI, cost/value, performance, and licensing.

•How do I contact TPTS?
–Send mail to
–Call 1-800-426-9400 between 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST
•Select option 1
–Enter extension 82972 for Microsoft Dynamics
–Enter extension 82973 for all other Microsoft products
–Have your Microsoft Partner Program ID ready
–For issues or questions with TPTS service, send mail to

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