Saturday, September 26, 2009

One More SWOT in the Books

We just finished another SWOT for Evolve Technologies in the Washington DC area. A fantastic team of Cohen Barnes, Robert Lindley and Jeff Adzima joined me at Dave Sobel's business for two days of intense analysis and discovery. As is always the case, there were a lot of expected findings and a few curveballs no one could predict. That is what makes these engagements fun. You never know what will happen until you get in the middle of the discovery process.

We worked the two days meeting with ownership, management and the entire staff. We probed for areas that could be improved and recommended changes and action plans to drive growth and success. We had long days and stressful moments, but we also had time to enjoy each other and learn together. The good part of serving on the team is that you always come home with a few things that can be applied to your own business, and you didn't have to spend your time under the microscope.

Dave now begins the difficult part of the process - execution. Things will be happening as early as next week as he takes our recommendations and puts them into motion. There were some changes we announced as part of our final presentation. There are a lot more that will happen in the coming weeks and months. But the exciting part is that change will come to Evolve and the company will grow and flourish as the recommendations are put into place. That is what makes these events so fulfilling. We are able to help others see things that they struggle to see because of being so involved with the day to day chaos, and provide clarity in how to move toward the future. Few things are as satisfying for me.

If you need a SWOT, let me know. If you want to be on a future SWOT team, let me know that too. HTG is in the business of helping companies experience Business and Personal Growth Driven by Execution. We are always looking for good members. if you want to apply!

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